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Masonry products are at the top of the earth-friendly construction products that contribute to less wasteful and more energy efficient buildings. Fairweather Masonry recognizes the importance of assisting the owner, architect and the general contractor in meeting necessary, desired and regulated environmental outcomes.

It addresses subcontractor responsibilities from estimating to documentation, plus green jobsite strategies. It covers all masonry trades: brick, tile, stone, terrazzo, cement, plaster and restoration. Contractors are tested to verify their ability to fulfill LEED responsibilities. WSCMC Green Contractor certification makes Fairweather Masonry a valuable part of LEED project teams.

Masonry construction systems can assist in achieving up to 52 points for LEED 2009 from a variety of sources. For a copy of the LEED Checklist, email lishab@fairweather
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BIA Fact Sheet:
Why Brick is Green, November, 2009
How Brick Manufacturing is Environmentally Friendly, November, 2009
For Architects

Pre-Design through Construction

Brick In Architecture, "Brick for Sustainable & Green Building Design," October, 2007. Technical section entitled, "Sustainability & Green Building Design with Brick Masonry." Talks about how brick can be incorporated into sustainable design practices as well as the environmentally-friendly processes used in brick manufacturing. The piece also highlights examples of sustainable building projects throughout the country.

The Construction Specifier, "Clad In Green: Brick in an environmentally preferable' context," by Charles B. Clark, Jr., PE, AIA, LEED AP, October, 2008. Advocates the fact that brick meets nearly all of the health and environmental attributes generally associated with sustainable products.

DIS Wheeler Project

BIA Brick Brief: "Recycled Content in Green Building Rating Systems - Certification and Credit," September, 2009

BIA Brick Brief: "Regional Materials in Green Building Rating Systems - Calculating Credit," December, 2009

BIA Technical Note 48 on Brick Construction, "Sustainability and Brick," June, 2009 Discusses sustainability and sustainable design and their relationship to brick manufacturing, use and recycling. Sustainable practices in manufacturing are identified, as are ways to utilize brick as part of sustainable design strategies. Ways that brickwork can be used to earn points in the LEED and other green building rating systems are also identified.
For GC's

Above the Standard

BIA Builder Note 5, "Brick: Green Building Design and Sustainability," June 2009 Details how brick can contribute to the credits of the predominant national residential green building rating systems LEED for Homes and the ANSI 2008 National Green Building Standard published by the National Home Building Association.

Tumwater Office Building

LEED Certified Projects:

• Bellevue High School Renovation
• Wesley Square
• Tumwater Office Building
• Department of Information Services

Wesley Square

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