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At Fairweather Masonry, our employees are our greatest resource. Excellence in masonry construction requires the recruitment, training, and retention of the industry's best experts in the field. Providing a safe and secure workplace is vital to ensure that our employees return home safely each night so they can enjoy long and prosperous careers producing some of the finest buildings anywhere.

A reputation built on pride

Bricklayers & Allied Craftworkers

Our commitment to workplace safety and health is no less a strategic business objective than building a product of unsurpassed quality for our customers. It's one of the many things that separate Fairweather Masonry apart as an unparalleled leader of the industry.

At Fairweather Masonry, we hire only the best masonry technical experts in the industry. We make sure they are competent to conduct their work in such a way that will ensure the health and safety of themselves as well as others on the job site. The best safety training is provided to ensure that technical certifications are in place for hazardous activities such as scaffold and forklift operations. Managers, foremen and other key personnel also receive comprehensive OSHA 30-Hour safety training so they have a solid, well-rounded approach to general construction safety and health issues.

Pre-Design through Construction

Responsibility for workplace safety is shared by everyone in the company, from workers and foremen in the field who execute safe work practices every day, to the executive management team that makes sure those in the field are supported by the best safety resources available including equipment and training.
Local 242
Site-specific safety planning takes place in the very early stages of project management to ensure that safety considerations are built in to the project's business operations. We always investigate every near miss and injury accident in order to identify opportunities for improvement in our work processes.

Above the Standard

Worksite safety objectives are not incompatible with business objectives. They go hand-in-hand. We incorporate safety goals and objectives into employee performance reviews and our strategic business operations always with a focus on continuously improving both. Regular comprehensive site inspections are conducted with the resulting feedback shared directly with those involved.

In addition, Fairweather Masonry commits the following resources to ensuring a safe workplace:

• Corporate Safety Director
• Independent Safety Consultant
• Comprehensive Safety and Health Plan
• Continuous Improvement in Safe Work
• Safety Partnerships with General
• OSHA 30 Hour Safety Training Program


Technical Resources:

Regular Communication within the industry gives us unlimited access to a number of resources immediate as needed.

WA State Conference of Mason Contractors

Associated General Contractors

BAC Local #1 Seattle

Washington State Labor& Industries
For more than ten consecutive years, Fairweather Masonry has outperformed the industry average for workers' compensation costs by an average of 24%.
Rewarding hard work and a job well done is always important and recognizing the achievement of safety and health is no exception. We retain the best employees in the business by rewarding their commitment to the achievement of our safety objectives. In the end, we find that our employees prefer to work in an environment where management does everything possible to make sure they are safe, secure and confident that everyone in the company holds workplace safety as the highest value.
Our success depends on our employees and we won't compromise anywhere when it comes to their safety and health on the job.